(33.3%) is a symbol of failure. But that's dope.

The number (33.3%) originates from the 1st DeGods experiment: The Paper Hands Bitch Tax. "PHBT" was a 33.3% tax charged on people that sold their DeGod under the floor. Almost instantly, the PHBT concept went stupid viral.

Post-mint, everyone started adding (33.3%) to their usernames. Hundreds of holders started listing their DeGods at 33.3◎ (when DeGods floor was at a 4◎ lol). 33.3 was quickly becoming a fucking movement.

Unfortunately, after 2 months it was pretty obvious: the experiment was not working. At all.

On January 1st, 2022 we announced that we will be removing the 33.3% tax.

But most of us have decided to keep the (33.3%) tag in our username. I mean shit, even SOLBigBrain just added it to his username like a week ago.

So... why the fuck is everyone keeping this random number in their username, even though it has nothing to do with what DeGods is building?

Something specific happened this week that made it clear to me.

For context, this was a massive week for DeGods:

  • We became the #4 largest market cap Solana NFT

  • had the #1 trading volume on Solana by far ($3.2M)

  • both the co-founders of Solana made a DeGod their profile picture

  • Urkann started featuring a DeGod on his $10M plot of land on Sandbox

  • a DeGod sold for 950◎ (and dozens over 150◎)

  • and that’s just the highlights.

But there was a moment that was obviously more meaningful than all of the highlights:

The moment the DeGods floor price hit 33.3◎ for the first time.

This meant a lot to all of us. Why?

Because that’s our number.

A lot of people thought the idea of a 33.3◎+ floor was more of a meme than an actual possibility.

Now it's a reality. We made it happen.

Now... the question is "What can't we make happen?" That list is getting shorter & shorter.


To the uninitiated, (33.3%) might represent failure.

But for DeGods, (33.3%) represents the willingness to fail & try again until it works. Over & over again until it works. And when it works… there isn't a single better fucking feeling in the world.

Man in The Arena type shit.

Let’s keep trying shit. Learning shit. And trying new shit.

That’s what (33.3%) means. That’s what it means to be a DeGod.


Ok. So we got to 33.3◎ and had some cool shit happen this week. Big fucking whoop. It could go up or down from here in the short term. Doesn’t matter.

Milestone checked, on to the next one.

We have DUST auctions, DUST gaming partnerships, DYOR App, DeGodCast, our own DeGods custom marketplace, DeGods Asia Expansion, a DeGods 3D Metaverse planet, DUST Marketplace Integrations, and a DEX listing coming up very, very soon.

Oh yeah, and DeadGods are coming too.

And once we get through all of this, we’ll think of some new shit that nobody has thought of and crush that too. Because that’s the (33.3%) way. That’s the DeGods way.



Frank (33.3%)

ps. Here’s a fun equation:

33.3◎ = 33.3% of X

What is X?

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