growth plan

This was originally supposed to be an internal document just for the team. But then I thought, fuck it, this is crypto... let's just open it up so everyone can see.

This is not a roadmap. This is the growth plan.

This plan is in order (mostly).

1: The Vision

Goal: Create & publish a clear vision for what we’re building with DeGods.

Result: The community becomes united & aligned towards the same goals.

Action Items

2: Operationalize

Goal: Create & align the team around key metrics that boost growth, engagement, clarity, conversion rates, and volume.

Result: We are on a path of constant improvement & the community will have a clear view into this.

Action Items

3: Initiate GigaHype

Goal: Create overwhelming top-of-the-funnel traffic for the launch of DeadGods.

Result: We give the soon-to-be best art in the Solana Ecosystem, the hype it deserves.

Action Item

4: Democratic Monarchy

Goal: Create a fluid governance structure for DeGods that is people-focused not just voting focused.

Result: DeGods transitions to a proper DAO without losing the speed and agility of centralization.

Action Items

5: Expansion

Goal: Launch massive partnerships, secure significant endorsements, and overall grow the brand.

Result: DeGods becomes a fucking household name.

Action Items

(This section will be the least detailed, because a lot of this is the furthest out from where we are at right now.)


Frank (33.3%)


In my intro, I mentioned that the #1 trait that all great NFT projects have in common is growth.

I know a lot of people like to say their #1 trait is "team is always building" but I actually disagree.

There's a significant difference between building random shit & building things that people actually want. With startups, the former is a death sentence & the latter is a pathway to becoming a billion dollar company.

With NFTs, it's even more extreme. It's not just about making things people want... it's about driving value back to your holders. There are tons of projects that just build random shit & even if it's they build something really cool... ask yourself "how does what they're building bring value back to me?"

If you don't care about the thing... but think others will - that could work (see SSC), but 99% of the time, it doesn't. Why? Because there is not a large enough audience for that tool. There's an unlimited market for RPC nodes... but is the market that wide for an NFT sniper bot?

The NFT community won't just wake up one day and pity buy a project because the "devs are hard-workers". Nor should they. This isn't elementary school.


So what does all of this have to do with DeGods?

Hopefully it just gives you some perspective where our heads are at with this project.

I just want our community aligned with the importance of growth.

Let's grow this brand, together.

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